as a parent


It is paramount in today’s world that our parents understand the threats that face our kids’ educational environments on a daily basis. Once a parent understands the threats that face America’s schools it is important that they get engaged with the process and start asking the proper questions of their educational administrators. As a parent if you have never read your child’s school’s emergency response plan you are doing yourself and your children a disservice. If when reading your child’s emergency response plan you do not have specific questions as to why the procedures are what they are then you are putting your loved ones in harm’s way. We must all do our part to make our schools safer places so as parents we wanted to give you some basic questions to keep in mind when thinking about the safety at your child’s educational environment.


important questions to know and ask:

  1. What kind of emergencies are my kid’s school prepared for?

  2. Does my kid’s school have an up-to-date emergency response plan?

  3. Do my kids know what to do and what their role is in an emergency?

  4. Who wrote my school’s emergency response plan and why?

  5. What are my protocols as a parent in the event of an emergency at my kid’s school?

  6. Does my kid’s school drill on emergency procedures for all potential events?

  7. Does my kid’s school have any access control?

  8. Does my kid’s school have regular doors/locks/vision windows?

  9. Can my kid’s school alert the entire building effectively during an emergency as t the state of the emergency?

  10. Do the teachers in my kid’s school have anyway to immediately notify law enforcement about an emergency from inside the school?

  11. Have my kid’s school received any specific training for educators on their emergency response plan and/or active-killer training?

  12. Has my child’s school had a safety assessment done in the last 5 years?

  13. What is stopping our school from being better protected: Ignorance of safety on behalf of the administrators? Lack of funds in the district? Lack of a proper risk assessment? School doesn't know where to start?

join our cause and be an active part of the solution for better protection, education, and motivation of our youth!