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our trainings

Currently the OKDI team is creating personally designed and certified 1-8hr training session for Law Enforcement and Educators that will go live and national at the start of the 2018 calendar year. The LEO/FR/Educator training will be comprised of understandings related to school/public safety leading practices to combat extreme acts of violence, the response to and mitigation of life-threat emergencies in a school or public setting, the history of Active-Killer events and life threat emergencies both nationally and abroad, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the 21st century paradigm shift happening nationally in the world of public safety for both school settings and publicly occupied spaces.

our assessments

Our expertise is in working with educational environments and other publicly occupied spaces vulnerable to a life-threat emergency due to their inherent nature of being soft targets for violence. We focus on Active-Killer events as the basis for our assessments and build out further safety first ideas for protection from there. All subsequent safety upgrade recommendations are based upon our inclusive and evolving list of proposed and tested list of leading practices and protocols for school safety. Our main targets for assessments are areas where hardening your building and providing more intelligence to responding first responders can be taken into account.