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law enforcement & first responder training

The OKDI team created our own personally designed and certified 1-8hr training session that will go live and national at the start of the 2018 calendar year. The LEO/FR/EDUCATOR training will be comprised of understandings related to school/public safety leading practices, the response to and mitigation of life-threat emergencies in a school or public setting, the history of Active-Killer events and life threat emergencies both nationally and abroad, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the 21st century paradigm shift happening nationally in the world of public safety for both school settings and publicly occupied spaces.

Information gained from our trainings and seminars will directly impact the response times to and the mitigation of life threat emergencies for both law enforcement and other first responders called to arrive on scene to an emergency. Our trainings will also include the most up-to-date information pertaining to what life-saving technology, hardware and protocols are available and constitute as part of an ever-growing list of leading school/public safety practices.

All trainings can be broken down into one or two hour sessions repeatable to different audiences as well as a longer 6-8hr session designed for optimal understanding of how the world of public safety response is changing nationally. All trainings are designed to instruct, empower and motivate those of you who put your lives on the line for the rest of us every day.

Thank you for what you do and we hope to have the honor of presenting for your audience of heroes in the future.



school safety training for educators

The world we live in today poses ever more dangers for the men and women who have a calling to teach our youth than ever before. OKDI’s educator training was created to provide administrators, educators and educational staff the knowledge needed to prepare for and better protect their students in the event of an emergency. Along with preparedness tools and protocol advice we help educational staff create better emergency response plans and provide a detailed explanation as to what’s available for hardening classrooms, school buildings and overall industry leading advice for how to keep yourself and your students alive in the tragic event known as Active-Killer events.

All of our educational safety trainings are designed to better prepare educators and administrators for the event of a life-threat emergency happening in their school and district. While providing valuable insight on how to prepare for the “unthinkable” happening in your educational setting, we simultaneously provide un-biased information about next steps a school can take in order to better protect itself from both predictable and unpredictable acts of violence.

Administrators, educators and staff will leave our training session with the firsthand understanding of what happens in a variety of life-threat emergencies, and what can be done to prevent and mitigate them. All trainings can be broken down into one or two hour sessions repeatable to different audiences as well as a longer 4-8hr session designed for optimal understanding of how the world of school safety is changing nationally in the 21st century.



life threat emergency school assessments

Our expertise is in working with educational environments and other publicly occupied spaces vulnerable to a life-threat emergency, due to their inherent nature of being soft targets for violence. Our assessments are designed to identify potential risks in a building structure and vulnerabilities in their design, to identify ways schools can prepare for and better protect themselves against loss of life in an emergency, and for protection from lawsuits arising in the court of law due to negligence on the part of unknowing parties.

We focus on Active-Killer events as the basis for our assessments and build out further safety first ideas for protection from there. All subsequent safety upgrade recommendations are based upon our inclusive and evolving list of proposed and tested list of leading practices and protocols for school safety. Our main targets for assessments are areas where hardening your building and providing more intelligence to responding first responders can be taken into account.

As a major bonus to all schools using our services for life-threat emergency school assessments we provide not only an analysis and full breakdown of our results in an east to follow format, but we also offer recommendations on how to harden your building based on info found, how to incorporate nationally proven protocol changes for school safety, and finally we help your school and district create a ten year plan for how to implement and pay for future security upgrades.

Our assessments are designed with the end-user in mind and not only provide life-saving assessment data and what your school is excelling at, but also provide a detailed understanding of each leading practice not found in your building during the assessment. Our goal is to make every superintendent and principal across America an expert in school safety without a large investment of time on your part.

Educators and administrators are already pressed for time and stretched thin, let us take one more worry off your plate and make the process as painless and helpful as possible. Thank you for all you do to make our nation a better place for the generations to come.



student-Based leadership workshops & presentations


The three main tenants of OKDI’s mission for a better America are Education, Protection and Motivation. Our work is protection and education in the process but our passion is motivating the leaders of tomorrow so they can go out and be the world changers their capable of being.

Our workshops can be a class-by-class format where we address new classes throughout your school in a period based format or we can work directly with student leadership on proven tactics for being inspiring leaders for their peers and throughout their communities. Along with the more targeted on-on-a-few approach we can also work from a place of one-on-many where we can engage an entire auditorium filled with students and educators.

Our founders believe they are on this earth to change the world for the better and take great pride in relaying their recipe for success with audiences of any size. If you have particular topics you would like discussed and addressed such as bullying, gang violence, peer pressure etc. we can build out and tailor particular workshops and presentations to your needs as well.

Our workshops, seminars and presentations are designed to inform, inspire and create a sense of teamwork among the students and faculty involved.