Once the question of why we are doing what we are doing is answered the next question asked is “how” are you going to bring about a paradigm change in school safety?

This is my favorite part of any discussion about OKDI because once someone can learn "how" something works in a commonsense manner they can no longer doubt the possibility that it can be done. Right now many of you reading this are wondering the same thing, “How will you accomplish the goal of making our schools safer?” I am glad you asked, for if the “why” is because it is time, then the “how” is the process, and it is within this process that we believe the magic presents itself – the process is what we’ll briefly go into now:

Step one: Create, Test and Validate leading practices for school safety in a layered approach to combat and mitigate manmade and natural acts of violence against our educational systems.  

Step two: Implement leading practices into an existing school or multi-purpose building for comparative testing purposes.

Step three: Comparatively test all layers of leading practices to determine what combination of leading practices works best in a layered approach to saves lives.

Step four: Facilitate state-by-state legislation for the creation of safety code instituting our validated and layered, leading practice approach for added school safety into the construction plans for new schools, similar to the approach that fire code has taken and proven successfully. 

Step five: Work with states to identify new funding practices for school safety upgrades in order that pre-existing schools will move to higher standards of safety if they so desire, without taking away already budgeted dollars for the educational process.  

Like any process of creation you must first understand the problem in order to find a way to create a solution. The problem of extreme violence in our schools is more apparent today than ever before in American history, and not just throughout our country but around the globe as well. We live in a time where are youth no longer use words to solve their problems, but instead rely on violence to make their point. In the weeks and days to follow we will highlight each layer of safety and our plans for testing and validation so you have a better idea of how simple and effective our approach to school safety can be nationally and across the globe.

Will you help us make this change in school safety and give the power back to educators and law enforcement before extreme acts of violence make their way into your community where you and your loved ones will find yourselves vulnerable?

Join our cause to find out how you can be part of the solution.

Jessica CirulliComment