As a first responder


Too often our Law Enforcement and First Responders go underutilized with concern to our educational environments creating and implementing emergency response plans. The root cause of this can be traced to poor relationships between the law and the educators for whatever reason, or because educators are afraid to ask their local life-savers for advice for fear of appearing incapable, or because educators don’t know that they should incorporate their local first responders in the discussion. Nevertheless, your role as LEO’s and FR’s in responding to an emergency is undeniable and without question the only way most situations will be resolved. The questions to follow are designed to bridge the gap between LEO’s/FR’s and your local educational settings.


important questions to know and ask:

  1. Do we know, understand and have on file our local school corps emergency response plans?

  2. Have we made contact with our local school corps in order to give our recommendations for how to improve the emergency response plans?

  3. Are we on campus helping our local schools corps drill for emergencies throughout the year?

  4. Do we have access to our local school corps camera system during emergencies?

  5. Do we have the blueprints to our local school corps building layouts?

  6. Do we know proper staging areas for each school corps in the event of a life-threat emergency?

  7. Does our local school corps have ways to immediately notify us of a threat on their campus?

  8. Do I have a relationship with the educators in our community?

  9. Do we have a tip-line set up for possible threats to our school corps?

  10. Do I have access to our school corps buildings without needing a third party to let us in during an emergency?

  11. Do our key-fobs allow us access to our community’s school buildings?

  12. If your answer to any of these questions are no, what are you doing to remedy this?