As An Administrator


Our school administrators have one of the toughest jobs in today’s world, mainly because school is no longer just about teachers and students coming together to learn in an effective and well planned manner – now administrators have to become safety experts all of a sudden as well on top of being educational experts and counselors, teachers, coaches and mentors. Being a school administrator in today’s age is not a walk in the park, but it can be easier as far as help with safety concerns is involved if you keep some basic questions in mind when planning for the protection of the teachers and students inside of your school building:


important questions to know and ask:

  1. Do we have an emergency response plan updated within the last 24 months?

  2. Do our faculty and staff know the procedures of an emergency situation inside and out?

  3. Do we drill our faculty, staff and students for emergency situations in a way that I’m confident we’ll be prepared for the unthinkable?

  4. Have I had a safety assessment done in the past 36 months?

  5. Do I have adequate access control measures in place to take into account the advancement in technology over the last 36 months?

  6. Are my classrooms protected from a forced breach?

  7. Do my faculty and staff have a way to communicate an alarm to law enforcement from their persons?

  8. Do we have an adequate building wide alert system that can communicate throughout the school?

  9. Do I have the telephone number of my local police chief, sheriff and fire chief? Do I have a relationship with these three individuals as well?

  10. Have these three individuals reviewed my emergency response plan and given their feedback on ways to make it better?

  11. Has my faculty and staff had any emergency protocol training this year?

  12. Does everyone in my building know by heart the procedure of our lockdown drills?

  13. Do I know where to stage my children after an event has taken place and are my parents aware of this protocol as well?

  14. Are there any new protocols out there in schools that we can adopt to make our educational environment as safe as possible?