about us


Our Mission:  

To protect, educate and help motivate America's youth and to work with educators, legislators and law enforcement, for the purpose of creating safer learning environments across America.

  •  To protect by helping to create school safety standards through testing, implementation, and legislation of 21st century leading practices for school safety on a state-by-state basis.

  •  To educate through public forums of discussion and direct communication with interested parties concerning safety leading practices and their implementation.
  • To motivate by sharing our paradigm changing public safety journey with students of all ages and through delivering student motivational/leadership workshops.

Our Vision:  

A reality where educational environments are as safe as possible from life-threat emergencies and where schools throughout America are moving towards incorporating school safety leading practices as the basis for future security based spending. A reality where first responders have the life-saving tools necessary to better protect and respond to the communities they serve. A reality where private companies, public safety professionals, first responders, legislators and educators all act as one for the betterment of their community's safety. A reality where educators no longer have to fear the unknown with regards to safety but are fully prepared for all of life's regrettable possibilities that come from outside of the classroom.

Our Values:  

HONESTY, INTEGRITy & TRUST are at the core of all we do.